Raising Capital For Cannabis/CBD/HEMP Startups: The Accountant’s Role

Thousands of cannabis/CBD/hemp startups are entering the industry as more states move forward with legalization, offering accountants an exceptional opportunity—and responsibility.

How you go about helping these startups raise capital can make or break their future, as regulations continue to tighten and investors become warier of the pitfalls of funding poorly prepared companies.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Identify the major concerns of cannabis and CBD/hemp investors
  • Determine the importance of cost accounting and why this is important to investors and owners
  • List and outline five essential keys of raising capital

Major Topics

Here is what we’ll be covering:

  • Outlook on capital for these niches
  • Top concerns of the Cannabis investor
  • Five keys to raising capital in the Cannabis, CBD, and hemp niches
  • Why world-class accounting is so important for these startups
  • How to get into this niche and gain all required tools, systems, and knowledge in under 90 days

Who Should Attend

Accountants, CPAs, EAs, Bookkeepers, CFOs

Fields of Study



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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