Presenting Financial Data to Non- Financial Audiences -Avoiding Over-simplification

Knowing the details of finance, accounting, and auditing data is critical to the professional in finance, accounting, and/or audit. However, presenting that information to people who do not fully understand the concepts, terminology, and significance of the data can be frustrating for everyone. What does “that word” mean Is that table showing me something I need to know Is that graph significant to the decisions I make How can I ask a question without looking uninformed This course will help professionals in finance, accounting, and auditing prepare presentations that make sense to professionals in other business specialties. Non-finance professionals will be able to understand the relevance of the information, ask pertinent questions, and use the information for their business purposes.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the main and supporting messages in business terms
  • Build business presentations that are focused, clear, and logical
  • Manage technical language so that it is precise to the concepts being conveyed and familiar to the audience
  • Support the presentation with appropriate and relevant tables and charts/graphs

Major Topics
  • Learn and apply a planning process that ensures the main message is clear and logically supported
  • Increase confidence in how to communicate professionally and clearly without “dumbing down” the content
  • Simplify tables and charts/graphs so that they communicate clear business messages

Who Should Attend

All levels

Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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