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Methods Used in Projecting Indirect Rates for Proposals & DCAA Forward Pricing (Part 2)

This second session builds on the first session in that we present three (3) different scenarios to forecast indirect rates that are acceptable to DCAA. With respect to the three (3) scenarios, we will provide practical examples on “how to” develop those projected indirect rates.

Learning Objectives
  • Discuss how to project common indirect rates such as fringe, overhead and G&A
  • Develop skills necessary for projection of cost pools and bases using the equation of a line Y = Mx+b
  • Review the components of a line that are involved in forecasting: the change in Y (cost pool) over the change in X (allocation base)
  • Gain insights into using EXCEL graphs to view a trend line to project next year’s pool or base
  • Acquire confidence in working with practical indirect rate models for 3 scenarios

Major Topics
  • Scenario 1. Having sufficient historical information to forecast indirect rates using fixed – variable cost analysis
    – This analysis requires a basic understanding of a line: Y= mx + b
    – The utilization of trend (regression) line to confirm the reasonableness of fixed – variable projections

  • Scenario 2. Even though there are sufficient historical costs, setting up an indirect rate is required for a new geographic location for both onsite and offsite
    – We will demonstrate how to build a projected indirect rate from scratch

  • Scenario 3. Entity does not have a full-year of historical cost to predict an indirect rate
    – We will provide an approach to project indirect rates under this scenario

    We will look at a model to project IR&D and G&A.

Who Should Attend

For Government Contractors: CEO, COO, legal, Finance & Administration, CFO, Controller, Director of Accounting, Accounting Manager, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll manager, Timekeeping personnel, Invoicing, Job Costing, Compliance Officer or Compliance, Project Manager, Assistant or Deputy Project Manager, Project Officer, Quality and Assurance, Contracts Director or Contracts Manager, Pricing or Director of Pricing, Bid and Proposal personnel

For Construction: Superintendents, Field Project Manager, Project Manager, Project Officer

For personnel working for the Federal Government: auditors, inspectors, procurement personnel. Contract officer, contract specialists, contract administrators, contract officer technical representative (COTR), contract officer representative (COR), Pricing personnel

Consultants: legal, accounting, finance that interface with government contractors

Public accountants that have the government contractor industry

Fields of Study
Accounting (Governmental)


GC-IDR01 (Government Contracting-InDirect Rate Part 1)

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