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Lean Accounting for the Lean Enterprise

As customers demand shorter lead times at lower prices, companies participating within a value stream are under pressure to reduce their lead times, while simultaneously reducing prices and improving economic value added (EVA) and customer service. Companies that fail to effectively implement the Lean Business System or another holistic business model risk becoming uncompetitive. Accounting methods that support Lean prove that continuous improvement projects yield the results that create a competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives

Understand what you can do to report your financials in a manner that provides evidence that Lean projects are providing value and competitive advantage for your company

Major Topics
  • Learn how Accounting for Lean applies to production activities
  • How Lean Accounting applies to office activities
  • Benefits of identifying and elimimatiing wasteful transactions
  • Why value-stream costing is more accurate than standard costing
  • Importance of Lean performance metrics
  • How a successful Lean implementation can punish the P & L
  • Implementaion recommendations

Who Should Attend

All financial professionals

Fields of Study
Management Services



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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