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Leading the Shift: Leadership for Financial Professionals in the 21st Century

Today’s reality is that the concept of leadership has become diluted and misguided, often nothing more than basic management skills and training. The new model for leadership requires people with high levels of awareness and emotional intelligence who can empower, engage and align their team members. In a world of business talk and strategic think, Jeff Nischwitz offers a rare voice for a new way of leading. Attendees will connect to a transformational leadership model designed to help anyone improve their leadership skills and enhance their personal and team effectiveness and execution. Attendees leave the session with new communication and accountability tools, team engagement and alignment strategies, and tactics to improve execution, influence and impact.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize leadership shifts for engagement and impact
  • Identify tools for putting the power back into empowerment
  • Identify techniques for embracing and building a feedback culture
  • Implement questions to grow and empower your team
  • Describe ways to build a culture of self-accountability, including the Stickless AccountabilityTM model
  • Understanding intended messages and impact versus unintended messages and impact

Major Topics

  • Enhancing awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Impact of authenticity on influence and impact
  • Committing to self-accountability
  • Going to over thinking to aligned action
  • Identifying and removing your obstacles to leadership and influence
  • A new model for personal ownership and responsibility
  • Assessing the impact of your leadership tolerance
  • Differently understanding what it takes to engage your team members
  • Building a culture of feedback

Who Should Attend

Leaders, managers and team members at all levels in your organization or teams.

Fields of Study

Business Mgmt & Organization




Business Learning Institute

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