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Leader vs. Manager vs. Facilitator: When, Why, How?

New generations are bringing different expectations to the workplace, and globalization continues to increase the complexity of the situation by introducing new markets, new demands, and more diversity. How does any one individual enable others to produce results in this kind of environment. This course introduces and compares the differences between leading, managing and facilitating teams, divisions and organizations; the situations in which each of these approaches is appropriate; and some skills for getting better at switching between them effectively.

Learning Objectives
  • Be able to define the similarities and differences between a leader, a manager, and a facilitator
  • Demonstrate the decision-making needed to determine which role will be appropriate and effective in different situations
  • Practice the skills of the three approaches available to “getting things done through others”

Major Topics
  • Generational differences change the mix of facilitation vs. leading vs. managing
  • Enabling individuals to do what they do best to improve talent retention
  • Re-positioning relationships and power

Who Should Attend

Anyone who works in an environment where diversity and rapid change are presenting challenges.

Fields of Study
Personal Development


Management experience

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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