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In-Depth Review of IRS Forms 990/990T

This course will review the significant provisions of the current Internal Revenue Service form 990. Participants will also learn about the three most common types of unrelated business income that must be reported on IRS for 990T.

Learning Objectives
  • Review the in-depth focus IRS form 990 goes into in order to provide information for more transparency to the IRS, the reader and other stakeholders who rely on this document for critical decision-making
  • Recognize the “triggers” for what might draw more than the usual amount of attention from the IRS

Major Topics
  • Filing Requirements
  • Program Service Accomplishments Reporting
  • IRS Filings and Compliance
  • Governing Body and Management
  • Compensation to Officers/Directors
  • Supplemental Schedules Required
  • Specific Types of Non-Exempt Revenue Subject to Unrelated Business Income Taxes
  • Secrets to minimize UBIT on Advertising and Other Large Sources of non-exempt revenue

Who Should Attend

Chief financial officers, controllers and other senior accounting staff personnel with responsibility for the Organization’s filing of IRS forms 990/990T

Fields of Study


Attendees should be familiar with the current format and content of IRS forms 990 and 990T

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