High Performance Time Management: Boosting Your Personal Energy

Old fashioned time management is sooo 20th Century. These days, it’s energy management that makes all the difference. In a world of rapid change, the orderly management of scarce time is almost obsolete – there are too many surprises. Even worse, while carefully husbanding your time, you can easily miss opportunities. The secret of success is focusing, increasing and leveraging your most precious commodity: your energy.

Learning Objectives
  • Pro athletes train constantly to be physically and mentally ready to perform with peak energy over short periods of time – a game or a match. Yet in business, professionals must perform over many days or weeks, often without much of a break. This course seeks to use secrets from sports, science, psychology, literature and even history to help you:
  • Husband and focus your energy for peak performance when it matters
  • Avoid “energy sinks” that can sap your strength when you need it most
  • Develop strategies to improve your health and your career.

Major Topics
  • Forget about time management; manage your energy
  • The different types of energy and what they can do for you
  • Why you’re “tired”.and what to about it
  • Balancing the mental game and the physical game
  • Training for the kind of energy you need most.

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Personal Development



Business Learning Institute

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