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Getting More Done in Less Time

Getting more done in less time requires a new, innovative way of thinking and doing. In this course, you will identify obstacles that are slowing you down and the solutions that can help you be more productive AND increase job satisfaction.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you and your team will be able to:

  • Identify priorities quickly to work more efficiently and create momentum
  • Indicate “time sucks” – things that are draining both time and energy
  • Recognize how effective delegation can improve output, morale, and employee retention
  • Distinguish your “when” to optimize your time, prioritization, and work satisfaction
  • Recall why multitasking doesn’t work and actually slows you down
  • Select time management hacks and strategies that streamline your work
  • Identify how to get organized in a way that actually works for you
  • Identify methods proven by real world experience and scientific research

Major Topics

Major topics covered include:

  • Time management
  • Prioritization
  • Organization
  • Your best timing to get things done
  • Eliminating distractions and time wasters
  • Delegation and teamwork
  • Process streamlining

Who Should Attend
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • All staff

Fields of Study
Business Management & Organization



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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