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From Financial Expert to Strategic Business Leader: Leader Evolution

Many leaders in finance and accounting organizations describe their passage from technical expert to financial leadership positions as a modern-day version of trial by ordeal. It’s sink or swim. The good news -there is a better way. Leaders development through a set of clearly defined stages that require different ways of thinking, different perspectives, and new skills. This workshop lays out the roadmap for professional development that applies to every CPA and finance and accounting professional that wants to advance their career and create a favorable impact on the organization.

Note: This is available in a 2-hour on-demand format


Learning Objectives

  • Identify the four stages of leadership development
  • Describe the major hurdles that financial experts face when leading teams & organizations
  • Identify the critical skills needed to develop talent and build organizational capacity
  • Recognize how strategic thinking contributes to the success of the business

Major Topics

  • The diminishing role of technical expertise in leadership success
  • Building a base of credibility and trust
  • Influence as the defining skill for increasing personal impact
  • Organizational alignment and execution
  • Developing talent, building organizational capacity
  • What it means to operate at a strategic level
  • Strategic thinking and why it’s mandatory for the future success of the business

Who Should Attend

All CPAs and Finance and Accounting Professionals

Fields of Study

Personal Development


Management experience


Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits




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