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From Compliance to Consulting Workshop

The increased velocity of technological advancements, artificial intelligence and machine learning require us to better hone our relationship skills. Today, more and more accounting professionals recognize the need to take this transformational journey to remain relevant. Making this transformation is not easy. It requires professionals to think differently than they have in the past.

If you think you are ready to make this change and develop your future-ready advisory skills, then this workshop led by VeraSage Institute Senior Fellow and award-winning speaker Ed Kless is for you. Ed will show you how to better serve your customers by helping you understand what it truly means to be a consultant. You will gain a thorough understanding of consulting assumptions and goals, authenticity, data gathering and assimilation and effective meeting management to strengthen your consulting skills.

This workshop is dedicated to the possibility that a professional can increase their effectiveness in working with their customers (NOTE: they are not clients) if they adopt known concepts from the field of consulting. You will complete this course with an actionable game plan and deliverables to become the strategic consultant and advisor your customers value most.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between a consultant and surrogate manager
  • Understand the three assumptions and four goals that apply to all consulting relationships
  • Choose their preferred consulting relationship type
  • Absorb a model for scoping complex engagements

Major Topics

  • Consulting definitions
  • Consulting theory
  • Consulting tools for use in customer engagements

Who Should Attend

Professionals who want to switch from performing mostly compliance type engagements to a more consultative approach

Fields of Study

Business Management & Organization


Professional experience in developing customer relationships


Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits




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