Fraud and Cybersecurity Trends & Critical Internal Controls For Risk Management

A typical entity will lose 5% of annual revenues to schemes perpetrated by unethical fraudsters. This course will also discuss the trends and fraud and cybersecurity schemes that lead to such losses, as well as best practices for preventing and detecting them, including strengthening critical internal controls for today’s operating environment.

Learning Objectives
  • Recall the cause and impact of real-life fraud cases
  • Distinguish how to be alert in order to identify fraud potential
  • Identify important techniques for fraud and cybersecurity risk management
  • Indicate how individuals have direct accountability for managing fraud and cybersecurity risks
  • Recall the basics of internal controls
  • Distinguish the important role that each person within an organization plays in a sound internal controls system
  • Identify a common framework for understanding and designing internal controls – The COSO
  • Select: Internal Control – Integrated Framework, and how to monitor the effectiveness of those controls
  • Indicate how a sound system of internal control can reduce fraud and other risks

Major Topics
  • Overview of fraud and results of most recent ACFE Global Fraud Survey
  • Highlights of most impactful anti-fraud controls
  • Focus on cybersecurity trends and related risk management
  • Overview of components of a sound system of internal control for risk management
  • Discussion of specific elements of a system of internal control that can reduce fraud and other risks
  • Focus on a CPA’s responsibilities related to integrity, objectivity, and other principles in the Code of Professional Conduct related to fraud and other risk management

Who Should Attend

Both public and industry accountants interested in mitigating fraud and cybersecurity risks

Fields of Study



Business Learning Institute

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