Find a Need and Fill It: Your Key to Business Development

It’s the oldest saw in your business toolbox — find a need and fill it. Yet the fine art of uncovering needs is a powerful tool to help you take your business to the next level. This course helps you reframe your sales and marketing efforts from a traditional solutions-based platform to a more effective needs-based platform. This course is also available in a 2-hour format.

Learning Objectives
  • Increase the perceived value of what you offer clients
  • Recognize how to be successful at selling anything including yourself
  • Determine how many questions to ask a prospective client
  • Uncover the truth about their client’s “Personal” and “Business” needs

Major Topics
  • The Real Need
  • Needs as more effective (and profitable) than delivering services
  • Questioning and listening skills to uncover needs
  • Closing skills through needs development

Who Should Attend

Professionals who promote services, products, services or ideas, or want to grow their business

Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


This course is currently available for registration

Date Host Org CPE Format
10/29/2021 Business Learning Institute 8.0 Live Webcast --

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