Finally Fixing Turnover and Employment Engagement

Most organizations are fighting a global talent shortage for skilled, high performing employees. As there are multiple causes, in this presentation we will cover solving the challenge using multiple advanced Human Capital tools, including raising the hiring standards and engaging high performers.

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding the new definition of “High Performing” talent
  • Using LEAN theory to align candidates with specific jobs
  • How to adjust your existing hiring process to become a competitive advantage
  • How engagement impacts organizational operations
  • Metrics that work to evaluate engagement, and what metrics will be used in the future
  • How to properly communicate the value of engagement with the C-Suite

Major Topics

The presentation has an overall theme of “Fixing the Shortage of Top Talent.” Most organizations are fighting a global talent shortage for skilled high performing employees. Because there are multiple causes, this presentation will cover the challenge from multiple angles.

First, in Finding and sourcing good people, we uncover new methods for sourcing and screening the modern workforce, applying LEAN theory to talent issues. Then, we look at Keeping the good ones – avoiding turnover and improving engagement. This segment will offer practical methods that include using advanced listening skills, reducing conflict through management training, and value-based hiring methods.

Who Should Attend

Departments and leadership teams that are looking for process improvements and greater productivity and efficiency levels from their employee.

Fields of Study
Personnel/Human Resources


Management experience

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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