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Excel Analyst

Transition to Advanced. Impress Management.

A holistic, wide-ranging Excel course designed to take the participant’s skill level to advanced by focusing only on the most relevant, high-value topics to their role.

The learning content is fun, challenging, set in a commercial context and applies knowledge and techniques taught in Big 4 professional services firms.

Learning Objectives

• Identify how to work faster with keyboard shortcuts and more efficiently with productivity tips, tools and techniques.
• Apply together, and in isolation, key Excel functions in a range of commercial contexts.
• Determine how to construct and audit more complex formula and employ relevant best practices.
• Use Goal Seek, Data Tables and scenario modelling techniques to answer Management’s most important questions.
• Choose how to organize, summarize, slice, dice and dissect data super-fast with Pivot Tables.
• Determine how to format your work to look professional and presentable, gaining trust and usability.

Major Topics

Excel Essentials
• The Ribbon – what’s in there, what’s important, what’s secondary.
• Quick Access Toolbar – how to customise to speed up your work.
• Keyboard Shortcuts – speed up your navigation and regular actions.
• Arixcel – a look at a very powerful navigational add-in used by the World’s top firms.

Functions, Formulas & Calculations
• Functions Overview – the functions taught, their place in the Functions Library, and rationale for focusing deeper on fewer functions.
• Advanced Functions – comprehensive theory, demos and exercises applying the following functions in isolation and together: INDEX, MATCH, INDEX & MATCH vs VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, COUNTIFS, MAX & MIN, RANK, IF, AND, OR, TRUE & FALSE.
• Formula Construction – top tips for building formula involving multiple functions.
• Formula Auditing Tools – navigating your calculations and finding errors.
• Range Names – how to create, use and edit to make your work more transparent.

Data & Analysis Tools
• Pivot Tables – create, use and customise pivot tables and slicers to summarise big data sets.
• Goal Seek – What-If Analysis tool to back-solve an input to return a defined result.
• Data Tables – What-If Analysis tool to sensitise inputs to aid Management decision-making.
• Scenario Techniques – create scenarios and flex inputs in modelling.

Formatting & Views
• Importance of Formatting – why formatting is crucial to making your spreadsheets trustworthy, interpretable and usable.
• Cell Styles – overview of their use, benefits and customisation.
• Conditional Formatting – bring outputs to life and significantly increase their interpretability.
• Sorting & Filtering – how to present, access and manipulate records within data sets.
• Freeze Panes, Grouping & Hiding – improve the look of your work and make it more user-friendly.
• Data Validation – make your spreadsheet more robust & usable.

Learning Subject Matter
Learning, demos and exercises have been framed in a commercial context but in topics of interest to make the content engaging, fun and relevant. The below subject matter is entirely original and has been created and utilised for learning:

IMDB Top 250 Film Data, US Health Clubs, Online Sports Streaming, Olympic Medals, Simple Cinema Financial Model, Haute Couture Fashion Retail, New York Gyms, International Flights, Spotify Most Streamed Songs, Sydney Real Estate Agents, Top Female Tennis Players, Simple Valuation Modelling, Debt Modelling.

Who Should Attend

This course has been designed for Accounting & Finance professionals, analysts, consultants, strategists and those working in a commercial role – the learning, demos and exercises have been set in a relevant context for this audience to help them then be applied in their actual work.

Fields of Study
Computer Software & Applications


Strong Beginner or Intermediate Excel skills.

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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