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Evaluating the Propriety of Estimates & Other Areas of Measurement Uncertainty – An Auditor’s Perspective

Accounting estimates may be material to financial statement amounts or related disclosures. They tend to be of higher risk of material misstatement due to inherent approximations and other aspects of subjectivity involved. This course will provide “real-life” illustrations of challenging the propriety of common areas of estimation in financial reporting.(Available in 2 or 4 hour formats)

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the inherent risk of material misstatement that exists in financial statement amounts and disclosures
  • Explain how to challenge management’s process and assumptions for reasonableness
  • Apply illustrative examples in documenting the process of evaluating the propriety of estimates

Major Topics

  • Typical aspects of the financial statements that have measurement uncertainty, and related risks of material misstatement
  • Varying methods for evaluating point estimates or range of acceptance of estimates as reasonable
  • Challenging management’s assumptions in areas of subjectivity, including being alert to management bias that could skew resulting amounts and disclosures

Who Should Attend

Public and industry accountants who have responsibility for preparing or challenging the propriety of accounting estimates and related disclosures

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