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Enterprise Risk Management: A Pragmatic Approach – Basic Level

What do you do when an off-the-shelf risk management software program is insufficient to meet your needs? How do you prepare a plan that captures the unique characteristics of your market, your customer base, and most importantly, your product or service? This course takes a pragmatic, hands-on approach to walking participants through the eight essential components of a customized Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) plan as defined by the Council of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO). It emphasizes “nuts and bolts” operational concepts and techniques in order to optimize its utility for business development work.

Learning Objectives

Learn to write a comprehensive, fundamentally strong risk management plan with a “nuts and bolts operational focus

Major Topics
  • Internal Environment
  • Objective Setting
  • Event Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Response
  • Control Activities
  • Information and Communication
  • Monitoring

Who Should Attend

Individuals with general staff level responsibility for preparing basic level ERM planning documents

Fields of Study
Management Services



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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