Embrace the Challenges of Today: Get Unstuck and Increase Your Emotional Agility

As the pace of change escalates and the demands in our professional and personal lives shift, we are facing unavoidable challenges. To embrace these changes and utilize them to the maximum, we need to adapt and take positive action. We become Emotionally Agile by facing our emotions head on, observing them objectively, making choices based on our values and slowly tweak our mindset, motivation and habits.

“Emotional agility is a process that allows you to be in the moment, changing or maintaining your behaviors to live in ways that align with your intentions and values.” – Susan David

Learning Objectives

  • Identify areas of emotional rigidity in your life and strategies to “get unstuck”
  • Become flexible with your thoughts and feelings so you can respond optimally to every day challenges
  • Recognize how to “show up” and face your emotions with compassion and curiosity
  • Discover techniques to “step out” from your experience and explore different perspectives
  • Explore ways to use your values to live a life of purpose and meaning
  • Make small, deliberate shifts to your mindset, motivation and habits to align them with your core values

Major Topics

  • Showing Up – Facing our emotions, both positive and negative, is the most challenging and important step we can do to create positive change
  • Stepping Out – When we are hooked we are only seeing one perspective, hearing one story, seeing one answer
  • Walking Your Why — Our core values are our driving force and a fundamental part of who we are
  • Moving On – Make small, deliberate shifts to your mindset, motivation and habits

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to develop their inner resources, increase well-being and better navigate the challenges of life

Fields of Study

Personal Development




Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits




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