Dr. Ray’s Mini Summit for Accountants, Controllers and Finance Professionals

Choose the topics to be covered from a wide range of today’s reporting and compliance issues based on your interests and priorities. Course modules are offered in 4-hour increments and may be mixed and matched.

Learning Objectives
  • Select the topics to be covered from a wide range of today’s reporting and compliance issues
  • Discuss the most current accounting update topics
  • Identify the immediate priorities relating to Revenue Recognition
  • Recognize the challenges of Lease Accounting implementation challenges
  • Describe issues as it relates to internal control and fraud
  • Recognize cybersecurity and privacy challenges
  • Review practical ethics practices as it relates to CPAs in industry

Major Topics
  1. Current Accounting Update
    • FASB overview
    • Debt classification
    • Cash flow reporting
    • VIE Consolidation
    • Financial Instruments, , etc.
  2. Guide to Complex Accounting Issues 1
    • Business combinations
    • Impairment
    • Intangible assets
    • Fair value accounting
  3. Guide to Complex Accounting Issues 2
    • Related party transactions
    • Contingencies, Subsequent Events & Going Concern
    • Accounting changes and error corrections
    • Cash Flow reporting
  4. Revenue Recognition: Immediate Priorities
  5. Lease Accounting: Implementation Challenges Ahead
  6. Internal Control & Fraud: Issues for Controllers
    • Internal Control: Principles, Breakdown and Cases
    • Fraud: How it occurs and how to prevent and detect it
    • Fraud: and Related Partied
  7. Cybersecurity and Privacy: Challenges for Controllers and Finance Professionals
  8. A Practical Ethics Update for CPAs in Industry

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

CPAs in industry who prepare and analyze financial reports. CPAs in practice with industry clients who need an overview of current issues will also find the course to be beneficial.

Fields of Study


Financial reporting preparation and analysis

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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