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Discover DISC for Teams

What if you could tap into your employee’s greatest motivations, dramatically improve relationships and accelerate team results? What if your employees could increase self-awareness? Improve teamwork? Make conflict more productive? Lead more effectively?

DISC unleashes the power of your team by helping them better understand themselves and each other. Discover DISC can include a customized combination of:

• Individual assessments and reports
• Team reports
• Team workshops
• Keynote/training

This course is available as a 1-hour, 2-hour, or 4-hour program.

Learning Objectives

After completing the DISC workshop or keynote, you will be able to:

  • identify and describe your personal DISC style
  • recognize the styles of others and better communicate with each style
  • understand how each style responds to conflict and stressors
  • engage in healthier conflict
  • understand motivators of each style
  • solve problems better with each style

Major Topics

Team Reports
For intact teams who complete the DISC assessment, we offer a proprietary team report and debrief session with the team’s leader. In this session, I share insights learned from their individual employee’s reports and offer suggestions on how to address issues we uncover.

Team & Leadership Workshops
DISC can be a launching pad to becoming a high performing team. Using the tool in a workshop setting works toward trust building, healthy conflict, and shared language. As a Certified DISC Behavioral Analysis Consultant®, Kassi administers individual DISC profiles 2-3 weeks before the in-person session and then leads your team through a structured session to best understand your results and how to work powerfully as a team.

Teams will explore things like: how they respond to conflict, motivations and stressors, and how to solve problems together. By recognizing strengths and weaknesses as a group, teams become equipped to give their best as they work together.

Workshops have a 2-hour or half day option, and are customized in partnership with the leader of the team and is also influenced by size of the team. Workshops can also be tailored for a leadership team across multiple functional areas.

Position Benchmarking and Interview Tools
You hire the heart of your organization. Every new hire is entrusted with the responsibility of carrying your vision from paper to practice every day. The hiring benchmark and interview process gives you data-based assurance in your hiring selections.

The validated process and report include:

  • Creating a customized candidate benchmark for your open position
  • Customized interview questions based on how close a candidate is to the position’s benchmark
  • Detailed information about the candidate’s communication style, job strengths and weaknesses, patterns of behavior, team thinking style and workplace values.

DISC Qualifications
Kassi Rushing exclusively uses The Maxwell DISC Method® and supporting resources from The John Maxwell Team® as a best in practice tool. Kassi Rushing, APR, is a Certified Maxwell DISC Trainer® and holds the highest level of DISC certification as a Certified Behavioral Analysis Consultant®. She is experienced in leading teams and organizations through the varying components of the Discover DISC tools.

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

Discover DISC products benefit any person or team who wants to grow in self awareness, improve communication and build trust.

Fields of Study
Personnel/Human Resources



Business Learning Institute

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