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Cyber Security Awareness for Finance and Accounting

In an increasingly digitized and connected world, Cyber Security is more important than ever to safely protect and share our information and assets appropriately. Recent global headlines across all sectors reflect the serious impact of cyber-attacks and breaches. Finance and Accounting professionals have an important role in building Cyber Security resilience and Information Assurance for organisations. Current Cyber Security knowledge and understanding for these key roles is therefore essential to mitigating risks in this complex and evolving landscape.

This engaging and interactive 2-3 hour NCSC Certified Cyber Security Awareness course is delivered by a highly experienced and expert facilitator. Delegates will learn about the latest threats including emerging trends; how to mitigate risks; best practices and have an opportunity to learn from global case studies, discussion and Q &A.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe what is meant by Cyber Security and why it is important
  • Explain the key role of Finance and Accounting in Cyber Security
  • Gain awareness of the dynamic global Cyber threat landscape, risks and vulnerabilities and emerging trends
  • Outline the Cyber security risk in the context of Finance and Accounting, including reputational and compliance, as well as financial risk
  • Be aware of key relevant legislation and obligations, and how these impact
  • Gain knowledge of best practices in cyber security and in managing risks, including data and information assets (tangible and intangible)
  • Outline risk treatments, third party risks and Cyber insurance options
  • Be aware of reporting and assurance considerations
  • Apply knowledge and behaviour to mitigate risks and in managing your own digital footprint
  • Have an opportunity to learn from relevant case studies, discussion and Q&A

Major Topics
  • Digitization and Cyber Security – Benefits and Risks (Now and Future)
  • Why Cyber Security is important – and the key role of Finance and Accounting
  • Current global Cyber landscape including Cyber Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks and emerging trends
  • Key legislation, regulation and compliance considerations and trends
  • Best practices: managing risks to reputation, business, data and other assets
  • Finance and Accounting – reporting and assurance; and building resilience and capability
  • Learning from case studies, discussion and Q&A

Who Should Attend

Finance and Accounting delegates who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of cyber security and the current and emerging global landscape; why this is important; and best practices to mitigate risks for individuals as well as organisations.

Fields of Study
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Templar Executives

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