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Creating a Culture of Conscious Inclusion

It is not enough to simply be aware of your unconscious biases, it is being intentional about taking action to consciously build a culture where everyone feels included. Using concepts of the 5 psychological needs at work, equity, psychological safety, cultural differences and belonging leaders can create a sustainable inclusive culture.

Conscious inclusion begins with your emotional awareness and believing in the need to strategically execute a practical approach to driving your personal thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, which allow us to value and leverage differences to achieve superior results.

Learning Objectives

After this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the components that create a sense of belonging
  • Identify how to practice inclusion and belonging
  • Recall how to enhance mindset and behaviors to expand presence as an impactful leader
  • Distinguish how to apply strategic consideration to networking opportunities as well as build and maintain authentic connections
  • Recognize inclusive communication and collaboration

Major Topics
  • The course will cover:
    • Emotional Intelligence, relationship management, and personal accountability
    • Conscious Leadership Competencies
    • 5 Psychological needs at work (belonging, purpose, acceptance, achievement, and love)
    • Emotional intelligence, the power of us
    • Steps to build a culture of appreciation, respect, and gratitude
    • Managing conflict with restorative justice principles
    • Reframing negative thoughts

Who Should Attend

This course can be designed for all levels of the talent pipeline

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