Considering Going Global? How to Support Your Clients’ International Ambitions and Expansion

International business and “going global” can be a lucrative opportunity for your clients as well as your own advisory services practice. What key factors should your clients be considering? How can you position your firm to best support clients in assessing their options? What risks does ‘going global’ present and how can you work to support your clients in mitigating such risks?

This course will provide a strong introduction for accountancy firms looking to provide value-added advisory services to their clients in the key areas of international political, economic and financial risk. Instructors will discuss important resources and tools which can assist you and your clients as you embark on the journey that is international growth, helping you to avoid many of the common pitfalls and missteps that challenge companies looking to go global.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance and impact of political, economic and financial country context on successful international business expansion and development
  • Identify and utilize key resources and tools for assessing political, economic, and financial country contexts on behalf of clients
  • Recognize the political, economic and financial ‘red flags’ which could stifle business growth
  • Identify and utilize key services and support for minimizing risk and supporting client engagement abroad

Major Topics

  • – Political Environment
  • Surveying the political climate
  • Stability of current political and security conditions.
  • Understanding politics, ruling political parties, and political systems.
  • Gaining insight into relevant elections / legislative/regulatory changes.
  • Identifying key political ‘red flags’
  • Protests
  • Internal/civil conflict
  • Incidences of violence / repression
  • Regional outlook
  • US / Country Sanctions, United Nations Sanctions
  • Understanding political impact on business / expansion
  • Historical view of US / country relations and view of US involvement and business dealings.
  • Exploring the concepts of ’property’ and ‘ownership’ – understanding legal recourse and your rights.
  • What is the potential for political protests? Business halting activities?
  • Is it possible to obtain political risk insurance (MIGA, OPIC, private risk insurers, e.g. Swiss Re) to mitigate such risks?
  • Resources and tools for gaining insight into country political environment and risk
  • US Department of State – Country Profiles (Fact Sheets) / Latest News and Information
  • World Bank Group
  • CIA World Factbook
  • International Crisis Group

    – Economic Environment

  • Assessing economic conditions in country / region
  • Identifying key legislation
  • Understanding the importance of trade agreements / policies
  • Comprehending the degree of openness to trade and foreign interests
  • US Chamber of Commerce/Bilateral Country Chambers, e.g. French-American Chamber of Commerce — maximizing resources, networks and opportunities
  • US International Trade Administration, US Commercial Service, US Trade and Development Agency
  • Determining degree of economic impact on business / expansion efforts
  • Is your business in a growing industry?
  • Is there significant local demand or sufficient input (human as well as raw material) into production?
  • How are current (national / regional / global) policies likely to affect your business?
  • Resources and tools for gaining insight into national economic conditions
  • National economic plans / vision
  • World Bank Systematic Country Diagnostics
  • World Bank Country Partnership Framework
  • IMF Article IV Consultations/ Surveillance

    – Financial Environment

  • What is the financial reporting environment like in the country?
  • What are the requirements for accounting / auditing in the country?
  • What is the basis of accounting and auditing in the country?
  • What are the requirements for publication of financial information?
  • To what degree are local professional skills / abilities equivalent to your US-based staff?
  • Determining the degree of financial environment impact on business / expansion efforts
  • What level of risk does relying on foreign professionals / offices carry?
  • To what degree can financial information created abroad be relied upon?
  • What additional costs may be incurred in order to ensure a reduction in financial risk.
  • Resources and tools for gaining insight into national financial conditions
  • World Bank AA ROSC
  • IFAC Country Profiles
  • IASB Country Profiles

Who Should Attend

Accountancy and advisory service firms looking to provide value-added advisory services and support to their clients seeking to expand their operations abroad. This course will cover the key areas of international political, economic and financial country contexts and the importance and impact on business expansion trade.

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