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Conflict Resolution – Resolving Conflict Without Diminishing Relationships

Experts point out that conflict is inevitable in even the strongest professional relationships. So, if conflict is a part of professional life, what separates healthy conflict from unhealthy conflict? In this game-changing course, you will learn what you can do to minimize conflict from happening in the first place. And when conflict does occur, you will discover how to manage and resolve it in a way that strengthens rather than hurts professional relationships.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between the speed at which people can listen and the speed at which people can speak — and how this can increase or decrease your ability to minimize conflict from happening in the first place.
  • Incorporate emotional intelligence principles into how you resolve conflict sooner, and without hurting important professional relationships.
  • Customize 4 proven ways to successfully manage your anger.
  • Apply a powerful 2-step process to effectively calm down even the most emotionally charged person.
  • Leverage key strategies for becoming a much better listener.

Major Topics
  • The 4 key aspects of emotional intelligence.
  • The best way to leverage the E+R=O conflict-management equation.
  • Why attribution theory and fundamental attribution error are essential to successful conflict management.
  • The difference between assertive, aggressive, passive, and passive-aggressive behavior.
  • The 4 different types of communication styles, and key strategies that can be used to minimize conflict with a person who has a different communication style during a conversation.
  • Specific ways to minimize the language that promotes conflict.
  • The 3-step process that successfully can be customized to deal with any type of conflict that might occur.
  • 4 effective ways to respect differences you can have with other people.

Who Should Attend

Anyone within the organization.

Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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