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Charting a Path to Economic Recovery: Financial Reporting and Regulatory Issues

Receive and update on financial reporting risks for large, small and medium sized companies as we emerge from COVID19.
Understand how corporate balance sheets have been damaged and how to rebuild them.
Learn and apply the 3-scenario approach to financial forecasting.
Prepare to implement the major accounting guidance for write downs and write-offs.
Review the CPA’s required disclosures and financial reporting responsibilities.

Learning Objectives

  • To provide CPAs and finance professionals with insights and tools needed to fulfill their leadership and reporting responsibilities as we emerge from the economic downturn.
  • Coverage will be updated to reflect the most significant challenges that confront companies today and in the medium term.

Major Topics

The medium-term outlook for business: staying on course in a turbulent economic environment
Banking & credit conditions, loans, receivables and cash flow forecasting
Maintaining banking relationships and conserving cash flow
Debt restructurings and bankruptcy
Going concern, disclosing risks & uncertainties
Impairment testing for fixed and intangible assets, goodwill and inventory write downs,
Accounting for loan modifications

Who Should Attend

Accountants in public practice, controllers and finance professionals who need to steer through the challenges of restoring their business to sound financial health in the wake of COVID19.

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