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Champions of Trust

Trust, trust, trust – never has there been so much interest in trust. Amazon lists 20 books on the subject, including “The Speed of Trust” by Stephen M. R. Covey (son of Stephen Covey), fast becoming an instant business best seller. Google the phrase “trust me” and you get 120 million choices. In a world hungry for trust, you can become a champion of it – if you use a few key approaches – some ancient, some very modern. This program is also available in a 4-hour format and as a keynote speech.

Learning Objectives

To give you pathways to reaching, retaining and restoring trust

Major Topics
  • Running on trust. How far can you get
  • When you need it most: trusting in troubled times
  • What the bestsellers don’t tell you about trust
  • Duh Why your employees and your kids don’t trust you
  • Packaging trust for the market
  • Trust: fact and fiction
  • Why people do or don’t trust
  • Sure paths to trust – and a few detours
  • Trust and performance
  • Trust and risk
  • Trust and selling

Who Should Attend

Anyone in a leadership position or aspires to be

Fields of Study
Behavioral Ethics


Management experience

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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