Career Management: What’s Next for You?

CPA firms invest thousands of dollars per year in order to increase the technical knowledge of staff members during the first five years of employment. There is little to no investment in their non-technical (soft) skills prior to promotion to manager. Once they are promoted to manager they are asked to build and maintain client relationships with little to no training. This strategy may have worked 10+ years ago, but the competitive nature of the business world rewards those who have the skills to develop client loyalty, referrals, and cross selling of services.The challenge is to achieve balance between technical and non-technical skills in order to reduce the learning curve once staff is promoted into management positions. This course will prepare future managers to win business, increase productivity, and increase the firms profits. (Available in 2 – 4-hour formats)

Learning Objectives
  • Review Effective Business Communication 101 (written and verbal skills)
  • Develop Work / Life management skills
  • Learn how to behave like a professional and gain an understanding of business etiquette
  • Build a network
  • Understand the expectations of Boomer Bosses
  • Develop public speaking and presentational skills

Major Topics
  • How to write more concisely by recognizing opportunities to write in an active voice
  • Ten ways to become a better business writer
  • Manage and organize your time better by using technology
  • Identify time robbers and learn how to eliminate them in order to increase productivity
  • Identify new opportunities in order to create an entrepreneurial network
  • Analyzing your professional and social networks
  • Ways to reduce the generational gap to enhance your career
  • Eliminate your fear of public speaking
  • Preparing an eye catching and powerful PowerPoint presentation
  • How to use strong body language when giving a presentation

Who Should Attend

The accounting professional who is in their first 5 years of the profession

Fields of Study
Personal Development



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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