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Business Planning: A Managerial Accounting Approach – Basic Level

What do you do when an off-the-shelf business planning software program is insufficient to meet your needs? How do you prepare a plan that captures the unique characteristics of your market, your customer base, and most importantly, your product or service? This course takes a pragmatic, hands-on approach to walking participants through the five essential components of a customized business plan. It emphasizes “nuts and bolts” managerial accounting concepts and techniques in order to optimize its utility for business development work.

Learning Objectives

Write a comprehensive, fundamentally strong business plan with a “nuts and bolts operational focus

Major Topics
  • Strategy: Defining The Business Model
  • Volume: Analyzing Production Supply and Consumer Demand
  • Costs: Projecting Expenditures Under Conditions of Uncertainty
  • Revenues: Developing a Flexible Pricing Strategy
  • Investment Returns: Assessing Stakeholder Benefits

Who Should Attend

Individuals with general staff level responsibility for preparing basic level business planning documents

Fields of Study
Business Management & Organization



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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