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Business Planning: A Managerial Accounting Approach – Advanced Level

In today’s hyper-competitive economic environment, accounting professionals are constantly pressured to apply the most advanced tools of statistical analysis to their business plans. These tools require an advanced understanding of quantitative research methods, as well as an ability to integrate accounting techniques with production, service, marketing, and other functions. This course takes a pragmatic, hands-on approach to walking participants through four specific indepth cases that address such concerns. It emphasizes the business planning functions of simulation analysis, performance measurement, risk management, and investment valuation.(Available in formats from 2 to 8 hours)

Learning Objectives

Learn to incorporate advanced statistical methods into an intermediate level business plan in order to integrate its analyses across all relevant organizational functions

Major Topics
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting
  • Correlation and regression analysis
  • Crisis analysis
  • Game theory
  • Hedging impact analysis
  • Off Balance Sheet (OBS) strategies
  • Six sigma sampling techniques

Who Should Attend

Corporate officers and Board members with oversight responsibilities for the business planning function, as well as technical specialists in the field of statistical analysis

Fields of Study
Business Management & Organization


Intermediate level course in Business Planning: A Managerial Accounting Approach

Business Learning Institute

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