Business Ethics + Virginia CPA Ethics Required Course

While ethics training is required by many states, the true value of the CPA license is in understanding how critically important ethical behavior is to one another, our customers, and to the public. This course explores the basic tenets of ethical behavior and uses case studies to explore ethical dilemmas in various companies and organizations.

Virginia-Specific Ethics: This course has been created to help you meet the Virginia Board of Accountancy’s (VBOA) annual 2-hour (100-minute) CPE requirement for 2020. Section 18VAC5-22-90 of the VBOA’s regulations requires that all Virginia CPAs subject to continuing professional education must take an annual 2-hour ethics course acceptable to the VBOA. Each year, the VBOA provides an outline of topics to be included.

Note: The Maryland State Board of Public Accountancy does not require state-specific Ethics other than fulfilling the 4-hour requirement every 2 years. Therefore, by attending this 4-hour program, you will satisfy your Maryland Ethics requirement.


Learning Objectives

General Ethics (2 hours)

  • Identify and understand critical thinking errors as they relate to ethical dilemmas
  • Examine the professional code of ethics and conduct
  • Business Ethics
  • Review the AICPA Ethics Codification
  • Examine the impact of ethical and unethical conduct on our profession

Virginia Ethics (2 hours)
Developed using the VBOA’s outline as the course framework, attendees will be able to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Distinguish the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Code Professional of Conduct and how it relates to enforcement cases
  • Identify changes to the volunteerism guidelines for CPAs in Virginia
  • Recognize rules and regulations that guide the profession in the state of Virginia
  • Analyze the difference between professional skepticism and professional judgment
  • Identify different ethical decision-making models
  • Apply decision-making models to come to informed decisions during ethical dilemmas

Major Topics

General Ethics
Using real disciplinary cases, the non-specific VA Ethics portion of this course will examine what has gone wrong with the behavior of others in our profession. We will provide our standard of conduct and then apply those standards to the real world.

Virginia Ethics
Satisfies the VBOA 2-hour Ethics CPE requirement and additional professional development

  • Relevant to Virginia CPAs working in public practice, industry, government, nonprofits and academia
  • Uses case-based instruction to consider relevant ethical dilemmas
  • Includes course materials which serve as reference resources

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

Licensed CPAs, CPAs in Industry and individuals working in the accounting profession

Fields of Study

Regulatory Ethics, Behavioral Ethics




Business Learning Institute

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09/24/2020 Business Learning Institute 4.0 In-Person --
09/24/2020 Business Learning Institute 4.0 In-Person --

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