Building a High Performing Culture – Human Capital as a Competitive Advantage

Where are we going, who will we be working with, and what do we need to know when we get there? As the accounting profession evolves, our competitive advantage is based on how well a department or firm creates a high performing culture, and engages high performing teams as a part of that culture.

In this fast-paced session, Karl Ahlrichs offers multiple viewpoints on ethics, leadership and the generations and shares skills you will need to maintain your competitive advantage. All of this will be mapped on top of a brief review of some fundamental economic data and the framework that organizations are operating in.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the generational differences that will drive the future of our organizations
  • Choose the most effective communication channels and methods to engage clients, both internal and external
  • Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
  • Employ active listening skills to confirm the impact of feedback when handling complex, high priority messages
  • Identify ways to manage the personal impact of change
  • Develop a personal action plan for managing upheaval in our processes and lives.
  • Identify ways to motivate and lead a multi-cultural workforce and form high performing teams

Major Topics
  • An update on Generational Differences
  • What are your assumptions about working with Boomer and Gen WiFi?
  • What are their assumptions about you you?
  • Communicating with the Workforce of Tomorrow
  • Effective communication skills form the foundation for a successful career, and this course shows how to choose the most appropriate communication channel for who will receive the information and how will be used
  • Managing the personal impact of change – With all of the workforce changes sweeping through our lives, this will offer a proven set of tools to better handle changes in their work and personal lives. The overall goal is an adaptable, resilient workforce that is comfortable with continuous change
  • Great Ideas Aren’t Enough—Selling Ideas to an Indifferent World – Today’s professional needs all the skills of a CFO — plus sales and marketing. To move new practices up and down the organizational pyramid, you need to motivate others to change, and to market your ideas to a complex and often indifferent clientele
  • The New Definition of Leadership and Ethics – For our closing discussion, we will cover the toughest topic. Simply put, leadership is at the core of the workplace issues on our collective front burners. At the same time, the new workforce has shorter attention spans and higher standards, and the leadership model must change to reflect this new world.

Who Should Attend

Applicable to all, the basic course is aligned with the needs of leaders, supervisors and managers.

Fields of Study
Personnel/Human Resources


At least 1 year of experience in management

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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