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Board Beginnings – Why You Should and How You Can

Often, people hear “board of directors” and think of a group of white-haired people sitting around a table talking about a business and then going home until the next meeting. That’s fine – if that’s what you want. But a carefully chosen board of directors will bring a lot of value to a company and its executives. This program explores why and how to build a board, pitfalls, leading practices to help the board thrive, and alternatives to having a quarterly meeting of white-haired folks out-of-touch with the business.

Learning Objectives

 * Identify how a board helps the company, director duties and roles, and situations to avoid  * Recognize leading practices that can help the board stay focused on issues, and keep it from becoming derailed

Major Topics

* How a board can help the company * What directors should bring to the board * Dangerous behaviors around the board table * Leading practices that help the board be productive and effective * Alternatives to having a formal board

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

While there are no specific prerequisites, participants are anticipated to be those (1) on a board, (2) working closely with their company’s board of directors, and (3) company leaders considering what benefit a board can do for their company and how to make it happen.

Fields of Study
Management Services


General knowledge of director responsibilities and board practices.

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