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Blue Oceans and Clean Paper – Using the ACA and Wellness as a catalyst to move organizations

We are now in full swing of the ACA and it is clear that we must work with the ACA, not work around it. So, how can we use it as a force for good, and not treat it as a government overreach? In this session, we look at the impact of certain parts of the ACA on the culture of the organization, and share specific strategies and tactics that can be adapted and implanted in your organization. If handled in future-thinking ways, it is possible for the ACA to drive benefits strategy, with direct connection of the links between wellness, worker’s compensation, safety and customer service. This presentation does not intend you to like the ACA – just to implement it in ways that are beneficial to the organization.

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding how the organization’s mission, goals and values, and benefits strategy is aligned with organizational strategy.
  • Using total rewards to build employee engagement
  • Learning the link between advanced wellness tactics and worker’s compensation rates, with the additional benefits of a safe and productive workplace.
  • Using the ACA as the driver behind a more complete benefits communication strategy.

Major Topics
  • Impact of certain parts of the ACA on the culture of the organization
  • Specific strategies and tactics will be shared that can be adapted and implanted in your organization
  • Recognize ways to implement ACA in ways that are beneficial to the organization

Who Should Attend

CPAs and Management that want to use ACA as a catalyst

Fields of Study
Personnel/Human Resources



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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