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Blockchain Technology and Governmental Accounting

This session focuses on what business professionals need to know about blockchain technology, specifically by providing an analysis of just what this technology platform represents. While there is a lot of debate and conversation surrounding the potential of blockchain, the most important place to start any analysis are the fundamental components of how this platform works. Analyzing the business applications and components of blockchain technology, this session provides a comprehensive review of what blockchain represents, how it works, and how business can use it to add value to clients.

Learning Objectives
  • Explain how blockchain might pertain to governmental accounting, including which questions to ask when considering this technology
  • Understand the implications and applications for blockchain technology as it becomes more mainstream and adopted among governmental and nonprofit entities
  • Review examples of how blockchain will improve or augment current accounting processes, both generally, and specific takeaways for governmentally focused CPAs

Major Topics
  • Connecting core blockchain functionality to the roles and objectives of government reporting, both on a fund and government wide levels
  • Walking through some of the implications of blockchain technology on potentially sensitive information that are components of governmental systems and accounting
  • Examples of real world applications, both domestically and abroad, highlighting how governments are already using blockchain technology

Who Should Attend

Governmental business and IT professionals looking to understand and decide if, and how, blockchain may be able to help improve efficiency and reporting

Fields of Study
Information Technology


N/A or ABCs of Blockchain – Beyond the Hype, the Basics of What Business Needs to Know

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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