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Blockchain – Next Step Applications for CPAs and Business Professionals

There has been a lot of discussion and analysis around blockchain technology, but what are you and your firm supposed to do now? Beyond the overview, drilling down deeper into next step applications for CPA practitioners, IT specialists, and CPA firms, what are some of the opportunities that blockchain will create? What are some of the pain points that practitioners need to know before diving headfirst into this new area? And finally, how are some of the core roles of accounting professionals projected to change moving forward? This presentation will help you and your firm grapple with these important questions in a fast moving landscape.

Learning Objectives
  • Analyze and discuss applications for blockchain in the accounting environment
  • Identify some of current pain points in the adoption of blockchain technology, both for clients and for accounting purposes
  • Analyze, communicate, and project how, over time, core accounting functions may change as blockchain becomes more mainstream

Major Topics
  • Discussion and deep dive into blockchain functionality, beyond the overview, including examples of how it might, and is, changing accounting processes
  • Analysis of current market conditions in the fast moving blockchain landscape
  • Examination of how blockchain functionality can, and most likely will, change accounting moving forward

Who Should Attend

CPAs, IT professionals and other business manager seeking to drill down, and analyze the next step applications and functionality blockchain can deliver

Fields of Study
Information Technology


ABCs of Blockchain – Beyond the Hype, the Basics of What Business Needs to Know

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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