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Beyond the Buzzwords with Hiring: Apply “Lean” Processes and Fix the WayYour Organization Hires

This is a fast-paced look at clever and aggressive new hiring processes that save time and effort and are legally compliant. Mixing “Lean” theory, fresh case studies and psychological theory, the instructor covers new ground with a fresh, data-driven look at the hiring process. This workshop begins with a passionate indictment of the “status quo”, progresses with “how-to” content in the middle, and ends with an inspirational call to action. The instructor will challenge how your organization currently hires and will give practical tips and advice on making clever process changes that produce real results, both in hiring and retention. Bad hires come from bad knowledge, and this session shares good, practical secrets.

Learning Objectives
  • Look beyond the buzzwords and rethink the hiring process instead of tweaking business as usual
  • Apply true “Lean” principles to a re-design of a key process that can be applied to any organization
  • Review the issue from many sides: the five things applicants want, the four things managers demand, the three things HR would like, the two things lawyers expect, and the one thing the CEO needs

Major Topics
  • The top six reasons why hiring is back as a front-burner issue
  • Why very little has changed in 50 years
  • Why hiring managers are blocking new hiring methods
  • Sincere but failed tactics
  • Why values and attitude questions are more important than skill questions
  • How to fix the problem: Real-life case studies about new methods

Who Should Attend

Executives and leaders who are disappointed with their organization’s hiring process, or want to align their human resources with “Lean” thinking

Fields of Study
Management Services


Management/HR experience

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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