Beware the “Artificial CPA”? Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and You

How will Artificial Intelligence transform the accounting industry, your organization and your career? Is an “Artificial CPA” coming to a firm near you? Will Blockchain “block” your career? And what are the ethical implications for you, your colleagues and your clients? Are you ready for the threats and opportunities just over the horizon – and for years to come?

Some see AI becoming as pervasive and transformational in the 21st Century as electricity was in the 20th. Others predict that AI will do to accounting what the Internet did to the media industry. This course focuses on the sweeping impact of Artificial Intelligence on our lives — and the steps we might take, ethically and professionally, to prepare for it.

Greg Conderacci, who teaches this course, is no Luddite. He uses much of the same technology you do. And, as author of Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy, he has researched and written extensively about its impact. A BLI Senior Fellow, consultant, and faculty member at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, he is a sought-after adviser for personal and corporate change.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our lives
  • Identify the steps to take ethically and professionally to prepare for AI
  • Discover what AI is and what it does
  • Discuss what to expect from AI
  • Examine key ethical issues that AI raises
  • Discover how you might change your mindset, your skills and your strategy to get ready for AI’s disruptive innovation

Major Topics
  • What is Artificial Intelligence and What Does It Do? A primer on AI, Blockchain and the like.
  • Why Do You Care? What the experts expect – and fear – about an intelligence that defies expectations.
  • Key Ethical Issues AI Raises. AI will have a profound impact on employment, wealth, behavior, security, privacy, human rights…and more.
  • “Big Brother” and “The Singularity.” What happens when the machines are smarter than we are?
  • What Should You Do? How you might change your mindset, your skills and your strategy to get ready for AI’s disruptive innovations.

Who Should Attend

Professionals who want to stay ahead of the AI curve

Fields of Study
Behavioral Ethics



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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