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Best Practices in Accounting & Finance Writing

Good writing skills are essential in our jobs. We write more than ever in e-mail, proposals, presentations, faxes and even on our PDAs. The truth is, what we write suggests to the receiver how clearly we understand what we are writing about. It can begin the process of getting the recipient to agree with our points and to get the right work done. The development of writing skills is a key need for professionals at all levels of an organization. Custom version are also available for Audit, IT and Consulting services.

Learning Objectives
  • Organize ideas to ensure the reader knows what to know or think or do
  • Write sentences that make sense to the writer and reader
  • Identify the main and support messages
  • Use a single question to sort information into “needed” and “not needed” information

Major Topics
  • Organize ideas and manage the reader so that the written information communicates what the writer intends to say
  • Use the planning process to make writing productive and faster
  • Use words that do not “dumb down” technical information and still make sense to the reader

Who Should Attend

Professionals who write as part of their work responsibilities, wish to make the writing process comfortable and would like to start and complete documents more quickly

Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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