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Are You Working With The Right People?

Leadership is the cornerstone of every solid, growing organization. Ignoring leadership development can cause your business to plateau or decline. So how can you continually develop leadership to propel consistent growth? Make sure you’re working with the right people.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the importance of leadership at all levels of a company
  • Describe the traits of current and future leaders
  • Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
  • Recognize how to spot people who are wrong for your organization
  • Identify ways to develop up and coming leaders
  • Recognize how to work with underachievers to improve performance or clear dead weight
  • Assess your team(s)
  • Recognize how to create a culture that perpetuates leadership

Major Topics

• How leadership propels a company
• How the lack of leadership can be the downfall
• Traits of high performers
• Traits of underperformers
• How to assess your organization
• Actions to take with leaders, up and coming leaders, and underperformers
• Highly interactive training and brainstorming to create a culture that values and grows leadership

Who Should Attend

All levels of leadership within an organization as well as potential leaders

Fields of Study
Communications and Marketing


Prior leadership experience or training

Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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