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Applied Valuations and Complex Equity Structure considerations

We will look at various valuation methodologies applied in the market, from a private equity and venture capital point of view, evaluating each and it applicability. We will also consider complex equity structures and the implication on equity value. We will do so by initially focusing on the impact of dilution on common stock, varied classes of shares and then proceed to consider other scenarios such as how preference shares, convertible debt/note and share options should be considered.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the difference between the valuation methodologies
  • Critically review and assess a value report
  • Allocate equity in complex equity structures
  • Value private equity and venture capital portfolio companies

Major Topics
  • Latest developments and overview of the regulatory environment
  • Valuation Methodologies
  • Impact of Complex Equity Structures
  • Overview and application of the Equity Allocation Models: The Probability-Weighted Expected Return Method (PWERM); The Option Pricing Method (OPM); The Current Value Method (CVM); The Hybrid Method

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested to develop their valuation skills

Fields of Study

  • A basic understanding of finance and funding principles
  • A working knowledge of valuations and its basic principles is advised

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