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An Intro to DEI Concepts

For organizations to infuse a culture of belonging, a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is a must. And it’s important to get everyone on board, have a shared understanding and speak the same language. In this workshop participants will gain insights and fresh approaches that will help increase your talent pool, encourage diverse perspectives to drive individual and team performance, and eliminate impediments to create an inclusive workplace where employees feel that their endeavors are valued.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the terminology of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Identify various identities
  • Distinguish biases
  • Recall the influence of structures, power, social constructs
  • Indicate intercultural communications
  • Recognize how to be open to new perspectives
  • Estimate your commitment to understand and support diversity efforts

Major Topics
  • Unpack the language of DEI; the trends that make DEI important
  • Identify the top areas of discrimination in the workplace
  • Identify sources of discrimination
  • Understand Intersectionality
  • Understand unconscious bias and it’s impact on decision-making

Who Should Attend

This course can be used for new hire training

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