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Accounting for Exchange Transactions, Contributions and Gains and Losses

Do you know what makes not-for-profit accounting different? Avoid the potholes of confusion related to exchange transactions, contributions, gains and losses and provide a financial picture that end users can truly understand. Through a combination of practical guidance and case studies, this course provides insight into what makes not-for-profits different.

Learning Objectives

• Identify the impact of the FASB standards impacting not-for-profits.
• Apply the unique not-for-profit accounting and reporting requirements, including revenue recognition.
• Recall ways to perform more effective audits of not-for-profit organizations with better knowledge of not-for-profit accounting and reporting requirements.

Major Topics

• Exchange transactions
• Contributions
• Gains and losses

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

Accountants working in the not-for-profit industry

Fields of Study


Experience in application of accounting standards in not-for-profit organizations


CPE Credits


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