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ABCs of Blockchain – Beyond the Hype; the Basics of What Business Needs to Know

This session focuses on what business professionals need to know about blockchain technology, specifically by providing an analysis of just what this technology platform represents. While there is a lot of debate and conversation surrounding the potential of blockchain, the most important place to start any analysis are the fundamental components of how this platform works. Analyzing the business applications and components of blockchain technology, this session provides a comprehensive review of what blockchain represents, how it works, and how business can use it to add value to clients.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify and analyze the components and aspect of blockchain networks, and how these various components function
  • Be aware of how blockchain technology already is, and how it will continue to drive disruption and innovation in the business marketplace
  • Discuss how to integrate blockchain technology into current accounting and business processes, and how to prepare for the changes it will cause

Major Topics
  • A drilldown into the core components of blockchain, including reviewing core functionalities of just how this platform works
  • Blockchain is a hot topic, but this presentation cuts through the buzz and examined just how blockchain technology actually functions in the marketplace
  • A distinction and comparison between what exactly a cryptocurrency is, how it’s different from blockchain, and how they are connected

Who Should Attend

CPAs, IT professionals, and managers looking to get a better understanding of just how blockchain functions, how it’s different from other options, and whether it makes sense for implementation

Fields of Study
Information Technology



Business Learning Institute

CPE Credits


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