The hard is what makes it great

I run into CPAs all the time whose risk management strategy goes something like this:

“I just hope I can retire before any of this stuff impacts me.”

Thanks for the inspiration. Sarcasm intended.

Let’s try that again: Why should we take risks?

Before you answer, think in terms of your organization, not yourself. This isn’t about you. This is about your organization’s future.

With that in mind, ask yourself that question again.

Why should we take risks?

The short answer is this: That’s how you become great.

Nobody makes their organization memorable by following the crowd. Nobody does great things by mailing it in. Innovators don’t take the path of least resistance.

They do things the hard way.

To recap:

Those are some pretty smart people — smarter than me, certainly. Probably smarter than you. Are you going to prove them wrong by taking the easy way?

Get to work. The hard is what makes it great.


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