Podcast: Forget what you know — the world is changing

The accounting and finance profession as we know it under assault. New technologies, staggering legislation and regulations, demographic shifts that are reshaping the face of workforces — we’re experiencing change and complexity on a level we’ve never seen before.

Or are we?

In a way, when you think about it, none of what we’re experiencing right now is new. All of the thought leaders out there are calling this “the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Know what that means? There have been three other industrial revolutions before it. We’ve gone through massive change before.

So yeah, we’ve been through massive change before — eras in which we’ve had to transform our business models to dovetail with the changes of the day. The only difference today is that these changes are happening faster than ever, which means we have to be more agile than ever, ready to shift with the next big transformation.

And that, in part, is Bill Reeb’s message to the accounting and finance world.

Bill Reeb is chief executive of the management consulting firm Succession Institute, LLC. More important, he is the new chair of the American Institute of CPAs, and he has a message for members of our rarified profession:

Forget what you know. The world’s a different place.

In this conversation, we cover:

Bill Reeb’s advice for accounting and finance pros
When Reeb was elected chair of the AICPA, he shared four pieces of advice for today’s accounting and finance professionals. These come straight from the AICPA. I quote:

End quote.

I’m really excited to have Bill Reeb as my guest on this week’s show. He’s outspoken. He’s opinionated. He’s not afraid to say what he thinks. That alone is reason enough to sit down with him. But he’s also passionate about the profession and it’s future, and today we need someone like that ready to lead us into an exciting and uncertain tomorrow.

Good stuff here. Here’s my conversation with new AICPA Chair Bill Reeb.




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