Get moving. Tomorrow’s not going to wait for you

Want to make a difference in this crazy, chaotic world?

Go make it. Quit waiting for permission.

Your great idea, your groundbreaking advancement, your disruptive innovation — they’re all going to get lapped by your competition while you sit around waiting for permission to put them into play.

Your bosses want to study this stuff to death before they act on it. They want a blueprint, a strategic plan, a guaranteed ROI.

In the Age of Disruption, those things don’t exist. “Move fast. Fail fast. Repeat.” That’s our strategy today. Anything less is extinction.

“Nobody has ever won a Nobel Prize by doing what they’re told, or even by following someone else’s blueprints,” writes Jeff Howe, co-author of the brilliant book Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future. “It’s the freedom to act without permission and, as Timothy Leary said, to ‘think for yourself and question authority,’ that will generate breakthroughs.”

Put another way, courtesy of futurist Peter Sheahan: “It’s better to seek forgiveness than to seek permission.”

Get moving. Tomorrow’s not going to wait for you.


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