Welcome to a world of constant disruption

Who would have thought we’d live to see driverless cars? Or mainframes in our pockets? Or machines that can think?

And yet here we are, thanks to Moore’s Law.

The hard part is predicting what will come next. Most of us make assumptions about what’s to come based on the technology we currently have. That’s like our ancestors trying to predict the future of transportation based on how fast their horses were.

Our technology will be the first thing to change. As we try to predict the future, therefore, we have to start with the assumption that, technologically speaking, almost anything will be possible.

From there, the dominoes start to fall.

“Moore’s law ratchets technology, technology changes the culture, the culture changes the economy and it continues,” writes Seth Godin. “Revolutions are impossible until they’re not, and then they seem totally normal.”

Welcome to the world of constant disruption. How will you respond?


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