The CPA profession of tomorrow will be ‘almost unrecognizable’ — and that’s a good thing

Add a few more members to the Accounting Transformation Fan Club.

The folks who gathered in Kansas City for the 2016 Boomer Technology Circles Summit didn’t mince words about the future of the CPA profession: Things have changed and they’ll continue to change, to the point where the profession will be “almost unrecognizable” within 15 short years.

Accounting Today’s Daniel Hood attended the summit, and the things he heard from the Boomer team were familiar but thought-provoking nonetheless.

No surprise here. All of the signs we’ve seen lately point to radical transformations ahead for the CPA profession.

I’m not ready to go that far. Professionals — CPAs among them — aren’t going anywhere as long as they (a) commit themselves to continuously learning new skills, and (b) make sure those new skills are things the machines can’t do. Those skills include collaboration, empathy, strategic thinking — telling the stories behind the numbers, in other words, instead of merely crunching the numbers.

I agree with Daniel Hood: The CPA profession of 2030 will be unlike anything we’ve ever known … and that’s a good thing.

It’ll mean that CPAs have learned the skills they’ll need to remain relevant in a changing and complex world.


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