Get healthy … and get well in the process

We’ve spent a lot of time here talking about personal wellness — the physical, emotional, and spiritual steps we can take to make sure we’re as healthy, fulfilled and engaged as we can possibly be.

Here’s what many people don’t understand, though: There’s a direct link between personal and professional well-being.

Need proof? Check out The Power of Full Engagement. The best-seller by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz outlines what the authors call “organizational energy dynamics.” Stop me if any of these sound familiar:

Get it? The well-being of your organization depends entirely on the well-being of your employees.

And no, your customers don’t come first. Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your customers … and your business.

“Research on employee engagement and productivity continues to show the basic health of employees indicates how engaged they’ll be on the job,” writes Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce. “Healthy, engaged employees are your top competitive advantage.”

This isn’t touchy-feely stuff, folks. This is the future of your business.

Get healthy … and get well in the process.


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