Business as usual? There’s no such thing anymore

Whether you like it or not — hell, whether you even know it or not — your business has changed.

That’s because the very rules of business have changed. It’s no longer about production or sales or EPITDA. It’s about service. It’s about people. It’s about solving problems.

Just ask Geoff Colvin. A senior editor at Fortune, Colvin keynoted Oracle’s Modern Finance Experience in Chicago with tale after tale of business that has shifted from profit to people, from sales to solutions.

Or as Oracle CEO Safra Catz said, “People love change … as long as it doesn’t happen to them.”

Embrace change. It’s the new normal, after all. Your competitive advantage going forward will be your ability to outmaneuver the competition. To think differently. To understand that what got you here won’t get you there.

No one will believe you. Do it anyway.

Your future depends on it.


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